Unleashing Innovation In Operational Excellence Summary

The Goal Of This Event

The objective of this two-day summit is to bring together cross-industry leaders to facilitate discussions surrounding key trends and innovative approaches to developments and challenges facing high level decision makers and their industries.

Points of Discussion

  • OPEX: Utilising Methodologies and Tools for Sustainable Improvement of Outstanding

      Performance Metrics

  • Incremental Approach vs Greenfield Approach to OPEX: Making Additions or Starting from


  • OPEX Starts with Culture: Transforming the Elephant in the Room
  • Going Beyond the Simple Cultural Fit: Promoting more Agile Behaviour and Cultural Capacity to

      deal with Constant Change

  • Business Agility: Essential to Achieving Success within Dynamic Environments
  • Stakeholder Management: Aligning Purpose, Opinion and Strategy
  • Industry 4.0: Leveraging Technologies such as Advanced Analytics, Blockchain and Business

     Intelligence for Operational Excellence

  • AI and Automation: Building on the Strengths of People
  • The Role of HR in OPEX: The Power of Effective Communication and Development
  • The Importance of Continuous Improvement & Constant Evaluation: Using Metrics, Maintaining

     Consistency and Dealing with Setbacks

  • Supply Chain & Digital Transformation: Streamlining to Improving Efficiency, Flexibility and

     Customer Satisfaction

  • Change Management: Optimising processes and Changing minds
  • Design Thinking, Agile & Lean: How They Work Together

Who Will You Meet


Cross Industry Leading Speakers


Senior Level Attendees


Corporate : Companies
Solution Providers

Why a Summit and Why Now?

With environments becoming increasingly more dynamic, Operational Excellence programs have become of utmost importance in overcoming change and achieving greater performance results. It is important, however, to not think about OPEX as a promoter of change, but rather as a guide to dealing with the discomfort of change successfully. Providing all staff members with the necessary tools and frameworks needed to deal with the unknown, will result in greater progression. The art, however, lies in having the ability to create long-term, sustainable and scalable, operational excellence initiatives – something which is certainly not as easy to achieve.

With so many tools, strategies and methodologies out there today, it is difficult to identify what the right strategies might be for your business. At our Unleashing Innovation in Operational Excellence summit, our expert speakers will be sharing some of their most crucial insights that could be just what you need, in order to stimulate innovative Operational Excellence programs and strategies within any organisation.

By joining this conference, you are enabling us to help you achieve greater Operational Excellence in no only 2020, but beyond as well.

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE!

  • Cross-industry learning – find out how innovative new projects adopted by other sectors could

     add value to your business

  • Save time and money – concentrated industry insights and knowledge across two intensive days
  • Case studies – practical information on what works and what doesn’t, outlining the challenges

     and lessons learned for current and planned projects

  • Networking and interactive – build new relationships and engage with other executives in our

     workshops, unconference sessions and networking lunches

  • Collaborate – specialists and innovators generating brilliant ideas and innovative solutions
  • Real-world information – get practical, evidence-based insights to help you stay ahead of the



How Will You Benefit


Like Minded Strategy leaders for Networking


Hear About Groundbreaking Approaches to Innovation

Case Studies

Get the Pro & Cons of New & Existing Projects

Opportunities For Networking

Meet up to 100 like-minded cross-industry senior executives over two days of intensive talks, workshops, and learning; whilst taking advantage of the chance to do some strategic networking in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam. Be a part of the creative process by engaging in idea generation and problem-solving opportunities. You will have ample time to share your own knowledge with others, as well as gaining new insights from your peers during our networking sessions. All our attendees will leave our summits with unique viewpoints from others who have been through similar situations in an intimate round table setting..